IDC Frontier, a data center operator and subsidiary of Yahoo! Japan, has announced plans to build a fourth data center module on its campus, which is located on the Kyushu Island in southwestern Japan.

According to IDC officials, the company expects the fourth module to go online sometime in the spring of 2012. Currently, the data center campus has two active modules, with a third under construction. That third module is expected to be launched by October, 2011.

Those officials are quoted in a recent report as saying that the purpose of the Kyushu Island data center is threefold. It will be used for the co-location of external customers, the company's popular cloud computing service, as well as a number of internal uses. IDC Frontier's public-cloud service is called Noah and it described by officials as an infrastructure-as-a-service offering.

Demand for increased co-location space is increasing in Japan following the devastating earthquake and tsunami that ravaged parts of the country in March. Japan is also facing increased power shortages following the shutdown of many of the country's nuclear reactors in the wake of the disaster.

To address the overwhelming power shortage, the Japanese government has mandated huge reductions in energy use and consumption by businesses. As a result, many companies with in-house IT offices are on the lookout for co-location facilities to help reduce their own energy use. In fact, IDC officials say that inquiries into their co-location services are up dramatically since before the Japan earthquake.

IDC Frontier operates a total of nine data centers, including seven located in the Tokyo metro area.

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