Social Media may officially be considered a relatively new way of marketing.  But if you take the time to give it some thought – social media is really something that has been around for a long time.  Just not through the internet.

Think about it.  A restaurant advertises it has the best burgers in town.  You may or may not think they really do.  After all, the word is coming from the restaurant itself.  Your friend tells you he went to a restaurant with the ‘best burgers he’s ever had’ and now you think – ‘maybe this restaurant is really good’.  Now your friend tells their friend, who in turn tells there friend and all of a sudden — the restaurant has a line out the door.

Social media is a perfect for spreading the word on the street. Now you are not selling yourself or your business – others are doing it for you. If you get your message to Twitter, Google +, Facebook, your blog — fans and followers will get the word out for you.

If you have really got a good service, product and offer value to your customers, social media is an excellent way to help spread the word.  You’ve already got a good story—and marketing is a lot about telling your story.  Prospective customers appreciate the word of others like them.  They offer honesty and fairness.

Smart users of social media take time to measure their efforts. They use the medium to generate and capture leads and build a relationship with customers and keep them. Measure your social media marketing ROI and pay attention to what people are saying.  By tracking your results you can learn from any mistakes and build a successful business for years to come.