Creating a video for your website is an effective tool to engage your audience and increase search engine rankings – that is if done right.  Simply sticking a video on your site without giving any thought to its content and images will not attract page views. So when producing a video for your site you must be sure to keep certain production and content tricks in mind.

The key to creating an effective web video is planning.  Decide on the primary objective of the video.  Is the video selling a product or service? Is it informational?  Your video must have a single purpose or your audience will get confused. Focus on your target audience and make the video with them and their needs in mind.  Plan the structure of the video – beginning, middle and end.  Will it be narrated?  Will you have music?  Organize the video. Create an introduction to grab their attention, middle with info and facts, and end with a call to action.

Make sure viewers have something to watch, not just something to listen to. Telling a story in video is more than just talking into the camera. You have to show people your product or service. Video is a visual medium, and you need to think about what images you want to use to convey your message. It doesn’t have to be clever or funny. It should be comfortable and natural.

It is important in a web video to get the attention of your viewers quickly.  People have a short attention span when it comes to viewing online.

People like videos.  A nice video can deliver your message that will engage your viewer much better than any text or photo can.  A successful video can attract hundreds or thousands of new visitors to your site, many of whom will buy products or services recommended to them in the video.  It works for any industry.