Pinterest is a rapidly growing social media billboard used to share products with others.  As with other social media, it can be a very useful tool to market your business if used right. The secret behind Pinterest working for your business is getting content to be shared quickly and frequently. This will help in moving a consumer from browser to purchaser.

Below are some tips on how to use this online billboard.

1. Have things to Pin.   Make sure you have photos, graphics, diagrams and other visuals on your site for people to pin.  Anything visual that can be shared is good. If you sell physical products, one of the most obvious ways to use Pinterest is to share images of your products.  Bloggers are using Pinterest to create visual directories of content they publish by using photos or other graphics in their blog.  You need to use some sort of image in your blog so Pinterest has an image to pull when your post is pinned. Video promotion works exactly the same was a blog promotion, except you can actually embed your videos right into Pinterest. On line videos can be very powerful for small business owners, so this is the perfect way to use Pinterest for promotion.

2. Update Frequently.  Pinterest is social media and like any other social media you need to keep updating often.  You should add images, pin and re-pin as well as comment on a regular basis.

3. Use Descriptions.  Make use of the caption/description space available on your pins. Use Pinterest caption space to give as many details about each visual as possible.  This should help enhance viewer interest.

4. Be Creative.  In addition to using what’s on your site, you can create pin boards and pin photos of things that are related to your products. This will give you the scope to be much more interesting and even more relevant to your customers.  Although your goal may be to promote your own business and drive traffic to your website or blog, you should also consider creating boards that highlight great images, content and information from others. One way to do this is by creating a board that features your own clients or customers.

5. Integrate Pinterest with the other social media you use for your business.
When you pin something, you’ll see that you have to option of tweeting about your pin if you like. You can also add Pinterest to your Facebook timeline which will automatically post your pins to Facebook.

Take a look at your business or blog. If you apply these tips Pinterest can be a great way to promote and market your business online for free.

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