As an online retailer, you probably have a lot of images of general merchandise, as well as videos. If you are not optimizing these digital assets, you're leaving top search engine rankings for your competitors.

By using search engine optimization (SEO) tactics to optimize your images and videos, you can attract more targeted traffic and boost sales. Consider the following tips for optimizing the images and videos on your website:

Use Quality Images

Quality images not only enhance the look of your website, they entice visitors to stay longer. Since the time spent on a website is a ranking factor for all major search engines, giving users quality images is a no-brainer.

Use Descriptive Keywords

Give your images file names with relevant keywords so you can find them quickly and so that search engines can find them easily as well. Depending on your content and where the images reside, the use of relevant keywords in file names can improve your SEO campaign.

Optimize Your Alt Tags

Besides naming your image files, include industry-related keywords in your alt tags. All major search engines index the alt text for images, in addition to the text content on your web pages.

Optimize Your Videos

Like your images, make your videos keyword-rich by using your most relevant keywords in naming the videos that are displayed on your website. Be aware that your video's title, description and tags are also used by search spiders and can positively contribute to your SEO campaign.

Create a Video Sitemap

Create a video sitemap that lists all of the videos on your website. You can use the sitemap protocol to provide search engines with information about your video content.

Submit Your Videos

When you submit your videos users have a better chance of finding your company within search results. You can submit your videos directly to video sharing sites like YouTube, Metacafe, Vimeo, and others.

When you optimize your website's images and videos, you not only improve the way your website looks, but you go a long way toward improving your search engine rank. Using these tips will help users to more easily find your images and videos while boosting your website's visibility among the major search engines.

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