You want to design and properly market your new web business.  It offers great products Visual Effectsand information and is easy to use. What more can you do to attract visitors to your site and ensure that they stay?

One of the best ways to enhance the experience of visitors to your website is to make sure you offer compelling and relevant images.  People are very visual.  They might read the text, but it is more likely that they will look at the pictures.  People prefer pictures to words and having relevant images and photos will enhance the user experience.

Pictures can be a powerful tool.  Studies have shown that they help convert browsers into buyers.  People connect with images and pictorial information and they are better at capturing a visitor’s attention.  Research also shows that our brain actually sees letters as little pictures and words as collections of little pictures with a specific meaning.  If you replace text with an image that says the same thing, it will have a much greater impact than the words it replaced.

In selecting pictures, try to avoid using a lot of stock photography. These are impersonal and don’t communicate the true flavor of your business. When possible, use pictures that you or a photographer take; pictures of your facility, your products, your customers.

And most importantly, sites with pictures show up more in search results and get more clicks.  The more pictures you have on your website, the more pictures search engines like Google have to index in search results.

Pictures will help you brand your website and give it a personality.  They will not only maximize your website and online presence but keep visitors coming AND coming back.