The best thing about the Internet is that anyone with an existing or new business can easily create an online presence with the help of a professional design and development team. Unfortunately, not all web developers are created equal, which is why small business owners need to protect themselves by knowing what to expect before entering into a contract.

In order to protect themselves, business owners need to demand certain things from the design and development team that they hire.

A User-Friendly Website

When you add too many bells and whistles, you lose sight of creating a quality user experience.

Simple navigation, an uncluttered design and quick-loading pages are essential. 


A content management system (CMS) is essential to a website.

Everyone talks about how websites need to be user-friendly for visitors, which is true. However, a website should also be user-friendly from the owner’s side.

A good CMS will allow the website owner to make content changes to a website on a regular basis, which is essential to online success.

Mobile Compatibility

We have now entered the age of the mobile Internet. Business owners need to ensure that their website looks good on the iPhone, iPad, Android and other mobile devices.

Social Networking

Every website needs to be connected socially, if it is to be successful.

Whether it is simply adding a Facebook “like” box or integrating an entire platform, it is important for business websites to stay up to date with the latest social plug-ins.

Complete Ownership

When business owners focus too much on the look and feel of their website, they tend to overlook some of the important legal aspects involved in creating an online presence.

For example, if you don’t specify that any logos or creative designs are to become the property of your business, you could end up on the losing side of a legal battle over ownership down the road.

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