If you want to play with the big boys, be like the big boys.

The best way to stay one step ahead of your competition is to look for popular trends in website design practices and mimic them.

This is especially true for businesses that operate ecommerce websites, because selling your product requires offering the best customer experience possible.

At dzine it, we keep a constant eye on what is hot in the website design industry and we bring that information back to our clients who recognize the need to keep up with popular trends.

Recently, we have been noticing a couple of recent trends that can be beneficial not only to ecommerce businesses, but to any business looking to add a bit of spice to its website.

One of the hottest trends in web development is the addition of slideshows. Although slide shows have been a part of large corporate websites for quite some time, they have become increasingly popular among small business sites.

The beauty of a slideshow is that it allows a site to offer lots of visual content without loading up a page, the way a traditional photo gallery might.

Similar to the use of slideshows is the addition of Flash. dzine it encourages the use of Adobe Flash to its clients because it is an easy way to bring a professional, visually stimulating look to websites of any size.

When it comes to stepping up to the plate, particularly for websites that feature an ecommerce application, the addition of Flash video and slide shows can really give you an edge over your competitors and the cost of adding these features to a website is more affordable than most people think.

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