Since we are an all-in-one website design and web development firm , offering an array of services to help businesses succeed online, our clients have lots of choices when it comes to creating their online presence. Although we offer search engine optimization services that are separate from our website design services, we always encourage our clients, particularly those who are building their website for the first time, to spend the extra money to optimize their website from the very beginning.

Integrating proven search engine optimization (SEO) elements into a website design is something that not every website designer knows how to do. However, most experts agree that focusing on SEO from the start, particularly within the layout of a web page, will provide long-term benefits for the site and give it a good start.

When a designer is integrating search engine optimization elements into a website, there are details that should not be overlooked. Unfortunately, many website designers overlook these details, usually because of a lack of experience.

According to Crisafi, there is no magic to proper SEO integration.

SEO techniques are time-tested and proven successful, but not every web designer is an SEO expert. Be sure you know exactly what you're getting from your website designer or, more importantly, what you're not getting. It can make all the difference.

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