Think using social media as part of your marketing plan is just for those trying to reach the younger crowd?  Think again.

A new study by the Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project shows that while millennials still comprise the majority of social media users — other generations are adopting the technology as well.

The study found that use of social media among internet users aged 65 and older has tripled over the past 4 years.  Pew researchers found usage has grown from 13 percent in the spring of 2009 to 43 percent in 2013. In addition, six out of ten internet users between the ages of 50 and 64 are using social networks. 

The study shows that most adults are now on social media: 89 percent of internet users between 18 and 29 and 78 percent of internet users between 30 and 49 are using these networks. Overall, 72 percent of online adults are now connecting on social networking sites, compared to 8 percent in 2005.

Twitter, however, still reaches a younger crowd — 30 percent of the site’s users are between the ages of 18 and 29, and they represent the largest group on the network.

The Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project has been studying online adults’ social networking site use since 2005.


Social media giant YouTube will add a new “Top Fans” feature to its platform– a way to make it easier for video makers to reach out to people who like watching their videos. The new “Top Fans” feature will let them message some of their viewers, using the “Circles” feature from Google+.

This new feature is built in as a new page inside the main Video Manager section as a separate dashboard. Creators will be able to track not just what other videos these “top fans” are sharing but lists the other creators these fans are subscribed to. Creators will be able to then send out exclusive messages or share content with these special fans..

In order to use Top Fans one has to link their Google+ account with YouTube, and once the accounts are synced, Top Fans will group these influential supporters in a separate Google+ circle. Users in the United States with over 5,000 subscribers can sign up for the service.When Google Plus is connected to a creator’s YouTube channel and they’ve created a circle of top fans, they will be able to view demographic details about these top fans

Currently YouTube encourages people to “subscribe” to their favorite video makers, but doesn’t really let video makers send messages to their subscribers.

The addition is part of YouTube’s continued efforts to improve value for its video partners.


The latest version of Mozilla’s browser Firefox 23 has been redesigned to include a “share” button at the top navigation bar bringing social media elements to the forefront of the free web browser.

The “share” feature is more or less your own personal share button that works in similar fashion to the share buttons you find embedded on many websites these days. This is great for marketing and it is convenient to use, as you do not have to visit the social network to share links anymore if the site itself does not offer buttons of its own. The new button “allows a user to post an interesting article to your profile, share ideas in a private message or email, all without leaving the Web page you are visiting.” The share button connects to Facebook Messenger for Firefox and Cliqz and will eventually integrate with other social media services and apps. Other popular services such as Twitter, Google+ or Tumblr are not available as of now.

In order to use the new feature you have to have added one of the supported providers to the browser.  The new share button is added on the left of the first button. It always looks the same but the small overlay that opens up is customized based on the service that you select.

The Facebook Share button for instance lets you share the website that is in the active tab in the browser. You can select to share it to your timeline, on a friend’s timeline, to a group, in a private message or on a page that you manage / administrate.There is also the option to change the visibility of the information before you hit the share link button. You can switch between all installed providers without closing the window.

The company started incorporating social media into the web browser last year with a Facebook integration and soon added Cliqz, Mixi and msnNOW. Other social features on Firefox include the persistent sidebar, which shows status updates and instant messages from friends that follow the user as they browse the web.


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