Ecommerce websites have traditionally had several similar traits.

Most ecommerce websites feature little copy, a lot of duplicate content and a huge product catalog, but these traits make it difficult for a website to achieve a good search engine rank.

However, there are certain best practices that ecommerce website owners can employ as part of an ongoing SEO campaign that will help them to gain ground with the major search engines.

Humans Rule
Search engines are not only looking for unique content when the crawl the web, but they are also looking for quality content.

Experience level, page layout, bounce rate and traffic diversity are important factors in determining a website’s search engine rank. A great way to get this kind of content, at little to no cost, is by encouraging users to upload reviews, comments, photos and videos. After all, content offered by current customers will likely best match the search query of potential customers.

Avoid Duplicate Content
Duplicate content can lower your search rank. To minimize duplicate content, he suggests canonicalizing links, submitting URLs to Google, syndicating content and, when content is being reused without permission request that Google remove the page.

The more control you have over content duplication, the more likely it is that your page will rise through the search engine ranks.

Focus on Strengths
Prioritize your best products, because the bulk of a website’s sales typically come from a small percentage of their products.

Business owners should focus on marketing these hot products and offer direct links to them from the homepage.

Keep It in the Family
If Google is the search engine that a business owner wants to target, that business owner needs to take advantage of Google products.

Consider, for example, using the Google Merchant Center which allows site owners to upload product feeds for better placement in Google Product Search.

Be Social
While most ecommerce businesses already have a Facebook Page, Google Plus has become increasingly relevant to the social landscape. Ecommerce website owners need to be more active on Google Plus if they want to increase their chance of acquiring a more prominent place on the search engine results pages.

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With an incredibly clean and easy to use design, Pinterest has attracted countless users looking to organize themselves in the Internet-age. Pinterest is an online scrapbook where users can post images they find on the Web. 

It has become a place for users to post everything from fashion inspirations to decorating ideas and just about anything else one could dream of. Perhaps that is why Pinterest’s popularity has soared in the past few months, making it one of the fastest-growing websites in history.

What makes this rise in popularity so unusual is that it is driven primarily by women, most hailing from the central part of the United States and the Midwest. Much of the websites appeal for most of these women lies in the ability to display their hopes, dreams and ideas, while all the while searching for new ones.

Access to Pinterest is allowed by invitation only; anyone looking to join needs to request an invite from the website or from an existing user.

Users can follow each other on Pinterest, view the most popular pins or find gift ideas by price range. Users can browse categories such as architecture, fitness and weddings, ‘like’ whatever catches their eye, re-pin it to their own boards or even make a comment.

All of this is great news for business owners who want their products and services to get noticed fast.

Everyone wants their content to go viral. Add Pinterest to the current social-sharing cocktail of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and countless others, small business owners have the chance to do just that.

Anyone who owns a small business, and is looking for new ways to market themselves online, needs a Pinterest account.

There are already some really creative ways that people are marketing themselves and their business using Pinterest. Be careful, however, because Pinterest and its users frown upon too much self promotion.

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