Pinterest has introduced two new features to its popular social media sharing site.

Now in addition to posting images on a virtual inspiration board – you can send the image to friends.  If you see something on Pinterest that you know that one of your friends will like, you can hit the “send” button to share it. You will be able to send the pins to other Pinterest users, Facebook friends, or email contacts with a personal note. They will be able to see them in their Pinterest notifications or in their email inboxes.  If they reply or like the pins, you’ll get a notification as well. Previously, you could only send a pin to someone via email. The new feature works for both mobile and desktop versions of Pinterest.

In another addition, Pinterest is making its collection of images more informative with a new format for a select group of pins that show products, movies, and recipes. Instead of just showing a small, formless caption beneath the pin, the new format will include an additional space for details like ingredients and cook times on Recipe pins, prices and store locations for Product pins, and ratings and cast members for Movie pins. An icon beneath the picture will let users know when there’s more information. The details will appear when users click on the pin to enlarge it. Among the first to test it out are Target, eBay, Etsy, Sony,, Anthropologie, Whole Foods, Martha Stewart, Netflix, and Rotten Tomatoes. Pinterest will roll this feature out slowly. Users will find new pins from these merchants — and refreshed versions of their older ones — in their feeds.

These new additions are the latest in Pinterest’s quest to make the social media bulletin board even more social and informative.

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Many people who are looking to design a site for their business or themselves don’t have a really good understanding of what it takes to design and build a site. We get many inquiries from individuals and businesses that want to know if something can be done.  Many inquiries are also from those who have started to build a site by themselves or with someone who gave them a really good price and now things are not looking or functioning as they wantSo with this in mind — we thought we would share with you some simple and practical thoughts about web design and development.

Our first insight is that most things are possible given enough time and money. Many people want to design something beautiful and complicated but want it done in a couple of weeks and for little money.  When you’re working with a Web designer to build an e-commerce site, database driven site, or other more involved Web application realize it takes time and more money than a simple web page with text. If you have an idea for what you want on your site, chances are it’s possible to do. But you need to be reasonable in your expectations of what it will take to do it.  Chances are if the estimated price and completion date is too good to be true — it is.  Designing and programming pages is not instantaneous.  Done properly it takes some time and thought.  The more complex the design and functionality of what you are building – the longer it will take and the greater the cost.

Web design and print designs are similar but not the same.  Different web browsers render the same pages differently and often the colors and design might not be exactly the same as the print example provided.  Keep this in mind when trying to transfer print ideas to online.

Try to be as accurate as you can about what you want and your expectations.  Budgets and timelines are estimated on the information provided.  Of course, some of these things may change as you go along, but then it follows that the costs and deadlines may well shift along with these changes.

Lastly, when hiring your web designer it is best to give them as many specifics as possible. This can help both of you focus in on what you like and don’t like in a timely manner. Once you’ve decided to hire a Web designer it’s because you’ve decided to seek a professional to help you get your website up and running. Timely and open communication between you and the person or company you’ve hired will ensure the best possible outcome.


Social media has become a big player in the marketing of many kinds of businesses.  Finding ideas for content that can help promote your product or service is an important part of your social media marketing strategy.  So it is with this in mind, that you want to pay attention to a recent survey by Prollie — a service that measures and monitors social media trends.

To find out what people are searching for and sharing the most on social networks, the makers of the social search and analytic tool Prollie analyzed the numbers on more than 5,000 of their users’ connected social media accounts, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Foursquare, and Tumblr.

Analysis of social media users found that technology and social media top the list of social media interests that users express when using the search bar and sharing posts. Prollie found that 28 percent of their poll listed technology and social media as their passion.  Next was food, drink & travel (25 percent), followed by movies and television (18 percent), then music and arts (11 percent), followed by health and sports (10 percent) and then fashion and shopping (9 percent). It appears that many hobbies that are popular in the real world are also popular online, like health and sports and food, drink, and travel. Outside of the broader categories there were niche interests like classical music, astrology, and surfing.

Facebook and Twitter audiences differed in the types of searches they conducted, with food, drink, and travel dominating the list of interests for Facebook users, while Twitter users were more interested in tech and social media.

Keeping in mind what people like to see and share may be an important tool in targeting your audience and increasing page views and ultimately business.

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