In most cases, successful techniques in pay-per-click (PPC) copywriting works for search engine optimization (SEO) copywriting as well, and vice versa. Of course, these techniques need to be tweaked when moving between organic and paid search.

PPC ad writers know that even the tiniest tweaks can make a huge difference in click-through rates (CTR). When it comes to SEO copy, anything that boosts CTR in a paid search ad can do the same when applied to the title and first few sentences of your article. PPC copy techniques can also improve your meta descriptions, bolstering your position in organic search results.

Here are some PPC techniques that can improve your SEO copywriting:

Experimenting with Exclamation Points

It is well-known among PPC copywriters that adding an exclamation point can increase CTR.

Using an exclamation point is the textual equivalent of raising your voice to grab a user’s attention. While using an exclamation point in your SEO titles will not automatically improve your rankings, you might find that your title helps get more clicks, particularly in social media circles.

Using Hard Data and Facts

The use of symbols and “proof” in PPC are also known to improve CTR.

When in comes to SEO copy, avoid vague claims such as, “Negative Keywords Reduce AdWords costs” and instead cite a statistic. For example, “Negative Keywords Reduce AdWords costs by nearly 40%.” The best part is, unlike a PPC ad, an SEO article gives you enough space to cite or link to your data source.

Test like the PPC Writers

PPC copywriters are always testing their work. Unfortunately, it’s not as easy to test full SEO pages but it can be done and the results can really pay off. You can use Google Website Optimizer to test two different versions of an SEO article. Think of your copy page as a landing page, even if it has nothing to do with PPC, because you need to engage your readers and lead them to a desired action. Elements to test include title, word count, images and links.

Avoid Wasted Space

When it comes to PPC, you really have to drill down your message and avoid redundancy in a very small space.

You don’t have to be that concise when it comes to SEO copywriting, but the lessons learned in PPC are still valuable. When writing copy for the web, don’t say in twenty words what can be said in five.

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