Google has introduced a new set of widgets for Google+. The new widgets include a new “follow” button and larger “badges” for pages, profiles and communities.

The new Google+ Follow button is a standalone plugin that lets visitors follow you from your site. It’s still very similar to Twitter’s follow button. The button has three looks: a look for when you have yet to follow the Google+ user, a look for when it is clicked and a look for after you have followed the individual. Since Google+ is all about circles, this button lets you add someone directly to your circles when you follow them, just like on the actual social network.

Google says the Follow button uses the same JavaScript as its +1 button, meaning if you have the latter already, all you have to do is configure the plugin and add the markup to your page. The +1 and Share buttons will also be updated automatically “over the next few weeks,” Google says, although they’re just getting minor changes to the visual style that’s more consistent with the recent improvements to Google+.

For website managers who want more, Google rolled out “badges” that feature the user’s Google+ profile image. For the first time, badges are also available for communities in addition to individuals and brands. The update badges will be more customizable.  They will allow users to select between portrait and landscape layout modes, light and dark color schemes, and whether or not to include the tagline. The community badges also include a “preview” button: When clicked, the button opens the community page in a new browser tab displaying. If website publishers don’t update their badges manually 90 days from now, Google will automatically update them using default settings, the company said.

Google+ is now two years old.  These small changes are one of the ways it has added to its celebration.


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Instagram the popular social media photo sharing site with approximately 130 million monthly users will now be able to shoot and share videos.

The new video feature is available to all iOS and Android Instagram users as a free update to the existing Instagram app. The basic look of the app is the same, but a small movie icon has been added that takes you into video mode.

The  videos can be between three and 15 seconds long and include any number of individual video clips. After you shoot the video: 13 brand-new filters, created by an artist specifically for Instagram video. They do the usual tweaks to make video pop, like adding vignettes, upping the contrast and playing with color. There is also an image-stabilization feature to even out shaky videos shot on the go.

For now, videos can only be shot from within the Instagram app, and there is no way to upload existing video from your phone’s camera roll.

According to Instagram co-founder and CEO Kevin Systrom  “It’s everything we know and love about Instagram, but it moves.”

The video-sharing feature puts Instagram in direct competition with Vine, the popular Twitter-owned app that lets users share looping six-second video clips. Vine has skyrocketed in popularity in the six months since it launched, attracting more than 13 million users. Many of the six-second videos have a unique look and feel, employing fast cuts and stop-motion animations to tell quirky little stories.

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