It's been two years since Microsoft launched its popular Bing search engine, but it was only a few weeks ago that the associated 'beta' tag was taken off. If there was ever a good time to start paying more attention to Bing, that time is now.

Although most marketing gurus continue to argue that Google should be your main focus, it doesn't hurt to give some attention to your search engine optimization (SEO) as it relates to search engines other than Google.

Even if you're simply looking to bolster your Google strategy, there's a lot to learn about your own SEO practices. You can learn how to make the most of all search engines and how Bing can benefit you in the future.

For example, getting Bing's webmaster tool can help you get a second opinion on your SEO efforts.

Although Microsoft doesn't hold much of the search engine market, it is still making an impact. Earlier this year, it was reported that Microsoft was pumping millions into Bing and new things are going to be happening very soon.

This product has been evolving and has been tested over the past two years. Now it seems the fully tested product is available.

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A recent published report has found that companies can benefit from taking a modular and prefabricated approach to data center construction.

That report, entitled, 'Deploying and Using Containerized Modular Data Center Facilities,' finds that pre-engineered and prefabricated data centers can eliminate the costly expenses associated with custom engineering and architecture. In addition, prefabricated data centers can be up and running more quickly when compared to centers being built using more conventional construction methods.

An added benefit, the report found, is that companies have a better chance at spotting structural defects early in the design process, making it easier to iron out any problems.

It is estimated that a modular approach can result in a 30 percent reduction in initial investment and can provide an average overall cost savings of 60 percent, as a result of lower power usage. In addition, these structures can be built four times faster than a typical facility. Hewlett-Packard's recent EcoPOD modular design, as an example, reduces energy costs by 95 percent when compared to more traditional facilities.

While the assembly line revolutionized manufacturing, the same revolution is now happening in data center production and deployment, offering greater potential for cost savings and energy efficiency. The report also found that the benefits of a modular design could actually extend beyond initial construction costs.

Some of the key issues associated with adopting a modular building approach include site-selection factors (such as climate), transportation considerations (particularly when it comes to moving manufactured components to the site), security issues and ecological factors.

The bottom line is that the modular data center is an increasingly popular alternative because it is cost-effective and can be easily equipped with higher density, energy saving technologies.

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As a small business website owner, you likely recognize the importance of effective blogging. However, if you are like most business website owners, you are likely having trouble building a following that reaches beyond your circle of family and friends.

Here are some tips on how to do just that.

Make it worth their time.

Why should people take the time to visit and read your blog?

In today’s fast-paced, technology-driven world, there are a lot of distractions and billions of web pages. With all this competition, it is important to recognize that people visit a blog for two reasons:

1.)   It offers a learning experience.

2.)   It offers an interesting read.

If you want to give your visitors both, you need to improve your writing skills. Despite the rapid rise of multimedia and video sharing, the Internet’s most common form of communication is the written word.

The first thing you should strive to improve is your writing. A great header or design won’t be able to save a blog that features poorly-written articles littered with grammatical errors. If you want to get serious about your blog, you need to master the basics of grammar.

Learn the technologies that drive your blog.

If you are going to write for the web, you also need to master the basics of the medium, which means that you must be able to make use of Web technology to tell your story and manage your blog.

While every business website owner should have a handle on how to code, at a minimum you should know the basics of HTML and CSS. You have no business blogging if you cannot grasp the basic technical knowledge of the medium.

Before writing, research and do your homework.

You can’t write about something you don’t know about. That is why research (whether through interviews, books, magazines, newspapers and other websites) is so important for success. In addition, spending some quality time researching a subject also helps to beat writer’s block.

Write for the people.

While your search engine rank is important, avoid letting the allure of top placement bring you to the dark side. People will not read your blog is it is stuffed with keywords. Instead, you need to connect with your target audience.

Remember, search engine algorithms change regularly, but good writing will always stand the test of time.


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