As a small business website owner, you recognize that the purpose of your website is to generate leads. Even with a stellar SEO campaign, a beautiful website design and low bounce rate, your online presence will not be successful without a well-planned contact strategy bolstered by one-on-one conversations with potential customers.

You can't leave it up to your visitors to provide you with information. Most people don't want to give their phone numbers or email addresses to you because of the fear of spam.

People don't want to wait for a return phone call to answer their questions. Instead, they want to get the answers they need with as little effort as possible.

Consider the following tips to make your business more approachable and gain the trust of potential customers:

1. Create a flow for your visitors. When it comes to website design, it is all about usability.

Follow proven design strategies to ensure that your users can move through your site as easily as possible. For example, the phrase 'contact us' may sound generic and boring, but it works. Remember, visitors are not reading your website, they are scanning it and they have been trained to instantly recognize those two words.

Place your contact information at the top, right corner of the page, where it's expected.

2. Make things easy for your visitors. This can be done by keeping contact forms simple and giving visitors a clear call to action.

Once a user has overcome the fear of sharing personal contact information, it is your job is to remove as many obstacles as possible.

3. Consider an instant chat feature for your website. Instant chat has been around for a while, but is only beginning to become more widely used.

The lowest website threshold is instant chat. It requires the user to supply very little personal information and allows you to provide quick and personal customer service. Everyone wins.

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It is no secret that both Google and Bing factor signals from social media into their organic search algorithms.
As the line between social media and SEO continue to become thinner, social media becomes an increasingly important SEO component. The fact is, social media is about relationships. Relationships, as we know, help to prove the relevance that is at the core of organic search.

It is also no secret that Facebook currently boasts a whopping 800 million active users and that 50% of them log in to their accounts daily.

You can bet that your customers and prospects are included in those numbers. They’re on Facebook and they are likely trying to engage with your brand.

For businesses without a Facebook page, there are ten reasons why they need to get on the bandwagon.

11. Major search engines crawl and index Facebook Pages because they are publicly available. As a result, Facebook Pages do come up in search engine results.

12. Google recently started crawling and indexing Facebook comments.

13. Many people actually begin their searches on Facebook.

14. SEO is increasingly becoming all about “web presence” and businesses without a Facebook page do not have a good web presence.

15. Your target audience is on Facebook.

16. The “Like” button is just as valuable as a backlink to your website.

17. Anyone who “Likes” your business can be considered a new “lead” or “contact”.

18. You can use your Facebook presence to build additional quality backlinks.

19. Facebook is mobile accessible, giving businesses another platform to market their content and brand.

20. Your competitors probably have a Facebook presence.

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