Twitter recently announced that it is redesigning its popular social networking website, with changes scheduled to be rolled out over the next few weeks.

Now featuring four new tabs, Twitter says that it has created a new streamlined, user-friendly way to stay connected online.

Here’s the skinny:

Home Tab

Just like the default page that all Twitter users are used to, the home tab features a constant feed of tweets by the people you are following. The difference lies in the fact that images, videos and conversations are now embedded within the feed, giving users a more comprehensive view of current stories.

Connect Tab

The connect tab allows users to see how others are interacting with them. This section allows you to see who is following you, mentioning you, retweeting your post or adding them to their favorites.

Discover Tab

This customized tab shows all news and trends as they relate to your interests. The discover tab will automatically pull up news related to not only who you follow, but to your location as well. Of course, you can also customize your own news feeds by searching a #hashtag to see related posts and tweets about that particular subject.

Me Tab

The “me” tab allows users to introduce themselves to the Twitter community. The new streamlined look incorporates a user’s bio, photo, interests and a feed of the users recent tweets. The tab also shows direct messages, so you can keep the conversations going.

Tweet Tab

The Tweet tab makes it easier than ever to share your thoughts with the Twitter community. Users can send tweets instantly from any location on Twitter and now users can tag their location or upload images and videos directly from their device. In addition, a new “auto-complete” feature pulls up a list of people you follow when you want to @mention someone.

Although it may be a few weeks before the redesign is available to all users, sneak previews are currently available through mobile apps for the iPhone and Android.


Google has reported that it will be investing $300 million into a Hong Kong data center scheduled to go live in early 2013. The announcement was made during a ground breaking ceremony in China last week.

The money includes the cost of land, construction, and technical equipment, according to Google representatives, who added that the company will employ approximately 25 full-time staffers, along with some part-time and full-time contractors to fill various roles such as computer technicians, electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, caterers and security personnel.

"We're working as quickly as we can to get this facility operational so we can keep up with rapid growth in capacity demand across the region," Simon Chang, Google's head of APAC Hardware Operations.

In September, Google announced that it would build data centers in Singapore, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.

The company also announced that it would launch a community program in Hong Kong, which would provide annual grants of up to $50,000 to organizations that focus on technology literacy and innovation, renewable energy initiatives, and entrepreneurship.

As a jump-start to the program, Google has awarded a $50,000 grant to Hong Kong-based NGO WebOrganic. The grant was awarded in response to their effort to provide affordable laptops and digital literacy programs to underprivileged children in Hong Kong.

Google recently launched a website offering information about the facility ( There, people can ask questions and find out more information about the project and learn about job opportunities.

IT Technology

There is no sure-fire way to predict what the search engines will and won’t do in the future. However, it is possible to learn from their activities over the past few years and identify the trends that will continue going forward.

Based on those trends, four facts about the future of SEO that will heavily influence which sites that succeed in the long run.

1. Content is King

Yes, you hear everyone in the industry saying this ad nauseam and there is a reason for that.
The primary goal of the search engines, like any business, is to make money. They can’t make money if people avoid their services because the results are perceived as low-quality.
This is why the search engines will always be engaged in the process of refining their algorithms to provide the best possible results.

2. Natural Backlinks Work Best

While a website may temporarily succeed in earning high rankings from being listed on a website that is stuffed full of profile links and paid links from spam sites, its progress will be short lived.

In the long run, it’s a better strategy to focus on obtaining the good-quality, relevant backlinks that will stand the test of time.

3. Personalized Search is a Reality

In terms of the integration of social profiles into search results, what we have experienced so far is only the beginning.

Personalized search results are anticipated to expand in scope. This means that building your professional network is critically important to online success.

4. Optimization for Multiple Platforms is Necessary

Website owners need to be aware that people might be looking for information about their business on various platforms, making it crucial that they optimize their website for as many of them as possible.

This means launching a mobile-ready version of your website and maintaining profiles on sites like Google Places and Yelp, which are likely to be used as information sources by third-party programs like Siri.

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