The United States Department of Defense (DOD) recently finalized plans to reduce its IT infrastructure by nearly one third by 2015, a move that will shut down nearly 250 data centers and greatly increase the department's reliance on private cloud computing and multi-branch data environments. The move is expected to save more than $5 billion annually, according to reports.

The DOD program is actually part of a larger effort, spearheaded by the Office of Management and Budget, to reduce data infrastructure costs throughout the government. However, government officials say they expect to pull off the consolidation across the board, without diminishing IT capabilities or response times.
The program is expected to affect more than 800 government data centers around the world with the US Army expected to see the most dramatic changes.

A key element of the Pentagon's plan lies with the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA), the heart of a private cloud service that is expected to serve as host for everything from infrastructure to operating systems, middleware and applications. The DOD has released a "DISA first" strategy in which branches and agencies will look into DISA hosting and service before implementing other solutions. So far, the Air Force, Army, and Defense Logistics Agency are said to have signed on.

Of course, there will likely be some problems with a consolidation project of this magnitude, but the Pentagon says it has already learned from watching the consolidation programs of other federal entities.

With so many private sector enterprises looking to consolidate their infrastructure as well, the DOD project will certainly be one to watch.

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dzine it, Inc. has just unveiled its '2012 $100 Facebook Like Contest' which will be running throughout the entire upcoming year.

Each month in 2012, a random person will be chosen from those who 'like' the company's Facebook page.
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For service professionals, particularly those in the healthcare industry, having a website can really help a practice flourish.

For many doctors and dentists, the mere thought of managing an entire Internet strategy for their practice sounds like more trouble than it's worth. However, having an integrated web strategy is the most effective and efficient way to attract patients.

In fact, websites are one of the most critical parts of a private practice because, when done correctly, they can deliver the highest return on investment.

]Here's why:

Your website is always on. The greatest benefit of having a website is that you are never closed.
A website is a virtual storefront. This means that your patients will always have access to important information concerning procedures and health from their computer or mobile device, anytime and anywhere.

Patient education improves treatment awareness. A website gives you an opportunity to educate patients outside of your office. Whether you offer links to informational articles or an interactive blog, you can always provide patients with up-to-date materials about their health.

Educated patients are better equipped to make knowledgeable decisions about their treatment options. Having a website also reduces the time you spend answering questions during appointments and can alleviate any fears a patient may have about certain procedures.

Streamlined communication is important. Sure, the best way for a patient to contact your office is by phone, during regular business hours. However, patients want more convenient ways to communicate with your practice, especially after hours.

With a website, patients can easily submit a question or comment after hours. In addition, practices can incorporate online appointment request capabilities allowing patients to make an appointment around the clock.

Expedite first visits with online forms.
We all know that routine paperwork cannot be avoided and it can eat up a lot of time during a patient's first visit. With a practice website, patients can easily download, print, and complete necessary paperwork in advance of their first appointment, streamlining first-visits.

Online marketing begins and ends with a practice website, the hub of your marketing efforts. Not only will a great website help you garner new patients, it will help to streamline many in-office procedures and empower patients to connect with your office, even after hours.

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