More and more people are accessing the web these days through mobile devices.  Increasingly shopping and purchasing are being conducted on line through smart phone and tablets.   The opportunity to conduct e-commerce and sell products through mobile shopping has increased significantly.  With this mobile trend firmly intact, it is important that your business optimize its site to make sure buying online through mobile devices is a positive experience for these consumers.

Make sure your site and the items on it are easily found and viewable on a mobile device. If a consumer has to pan around, pinch and expand things in order to make a purchase, they’re likely not going to do it. A good mobile shopping experience is one that is fully optimized for the smaller screen, takes advantage of touch screen technology and also offers a fast checkout in as few steps as possible.

Mobile devices have limited bandwidth.  All e-commerce businesses should make sure the payment process can be done in a single, efficient manner.  The more steps between the buyer and the final transaction, the greater the risk of them abandoning the shopping cart and completing the transaction. If a retailer’s process is not optimized for mobile, they are likely losing sales to a slow and painful experience consumers just don’t have patience for. You don’t want the customer to get frustrated and never return.  If possible e-commerce providers should try and use a card vault solution for credit card data that enables the possibility for both online and mobile transactions.

Lastly, make sure site is as secure for mobile shopping as you would for online shopping using a desktop computer.  Costumers are more likely to lose a mobile phone than a laptop or desktop and they are less likely to have password protected the phone than the laptop or desktop. Consumers need to know that if they lose their phone or it gets stolen, their credit card information is secure. Taking steps like encrypting credit card data directly on the device as soon as the user enters it or implementing a one-click checkout so that the user never has to enter credit card data on the device help to ensure that if a mobile device is lost or stolen, others can’t gain access to their credit card data.

It is important that e-commerce companies and payment providers take all of these factors into account to improve mobile purchasing and capture the mobile commerce opportunity.  The more comfortable consumers are using mobile to make transactions the more money e-retailers stand to make.