Should you be using video on your website?  It is a question we get a lot.  Video makes sense for many businesses.  Using video on your site can be a great enhancement and an excellent tool.

Online video helps deliver viewers to a site and is a good way to keep them there.  Studies show that video increases SEO rankings significantly and thus really helps drive traffic to a site. Once at the site, video delivers a more personal interaction.  The combination of visual and sound capture the audience’s attention and boosts information retention. Video makes people stay longer on your site. When they stay longer, they are more liable to click on other links and investigate your site more deeply.

Video reinforces your brand.  As the old adage goes – A picture is worth a 1,000 words.  Video allows you to say a lot in a short time. Everything in your video sends a message to the viewer. If you are in an industry with many similar competitors and products, video can help you stand out as unique. Video gives web users information delivered fast and made simple.

Video increases a brand’s recognition. Whether it is used to describe and show the functions of a product, to introduce a company, to convey thought leadership, for online seminars and conferences or for advertisements, videos are an effective way to gain recognition of a brand.

Online video doesn’t have to be very expensive to produce.  There are many ways to produce video to use on your website.  Production costs have dropped and it can be a cost effective way to add a lot to your site for a relatively small amount

All in all, video can bring a lot of value.  More and more businesses are adding it to their sites as they realize what it is worth.  Take time out to look at your business’ site and the benefits video might bring.  The 1,000 words added by these pictures might mean thousands more in dollars.

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