New York website design expert says that small businesses need to map out their budget before embarking on the creation, or re-creation, of a website.

Peter Crisafi, Vice President of dzine it, Inc., a leading New York website design and website development firm with clients from across the country, says that one of the most difficult things to do, when embarking on a website development project, is to determine price. What goes into a website development project, according to Crisafi, will determine its price and that is particularly true of its design elements.

“Websites can be built in a day or over the course of months and small business owners can put lots of thought into a project or something can be put up to suit one particular need,” says Crisafi. “When embarking on a website design and development project, business owners should think of the project as if it were the construction of a house of the creation of a work of art.”

Crisafi says that from the perspective of building a house, consideration must be given to how big it will be, how much detail will go into it, what type of features will be includes and where it will be located. This same thought process, he says, should be applied to building a web presence.

“By putting this into perspective, a business owners can determine exactly how much to spend on their website and budget appropriately,” says Crisafi. “Although everyone may want a mansion, the truth is that we cannot all afford one. The job of a website designer is to come as closely to your vision as possible, within the budget that the client provides.”

Crisafi explains that he and other in his line of work believe that a business owner should spare nothing when it comes to something as important as the creation of a web presence.

“As a website developer, I want my clients to have more square footage, the best floors, the highest quality paints, fixtures and molding,” says Crisafi.  “Since I am the designer, my client’s new look will reflect on me.”

Regardless of how much a business spends, Crisafi says that it is the job of the design and development team to stay within the tools and budget that they have been given.

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