There is clear evidence that a company’s social media presence influences its website rankings on the results pages of the major search engines. What is not so clear, is how social media actually influences these results.

With no real definitive answer from the major search engines, many SEO experts have done their own research and have come up with certain recommendations on using social media for better search engine placement. By following these steps, website owners can truly harness the power of social media, regardless of Google’s algorithms.

Increase Social Sharing

It is widely believed that social shares are an important signal.

Whether we are talking about ‘likes,’ ‘tweets,’ ‘plus ones’ or other social links, their importance affects search engine results. It is important to focus on your own authority as well as creating relationships with other authorities.
The bad news about many social signals is that they can be abused and they are not always representative of human behavior. However, they do play some small role in rankings, which has already been confirmed by Google.

Grow Your Audience

Perhaps the most useful way to take advantage of social networking websites is to use them to build your brand and build your authority and it isn’t just limited to your website’s search engine rank.

Having a well-established brand can result in better sales and more influence, particularly when it comes to your target market.

To build this sort of authority, it is imperative that businesses continually offer fresh content to users either through their websites, through blogs, through press releases and even on the social media networks themselves.

Engage With Authoritative Users

Another powerful way to use social networking for SEO is to piggy back on the authority of others.
Social networking websites offer the opportunity to connect with thought leaders in any industry.

While connecting with authority users has significant value for the growth of your business, getting these thought leaders to share your content can be an even bigger win.

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