Feedback, whether from customers, clients or industry peers, is absolutely vital to business success. Businesses that fail to recognize this don't last very long.

Business owners are often tempted to limit the feedback mechanisms made available to their community. However, in today's online market, he says that business owners must encourage feedback from as many online platforms as possible and a business's blog is no exception.

Your blog is not only a publishing platform, but a repository for your organization's feedback and communication tools. It is the perfect place for showcasing the feedback you receive and the communication tools you use.
If you want to use your blog as your business's primary portal for feedback, consider the following:


Polls can provide you with more feedback than almost any other mechanism.

People can't help but vote. It's such a simple way to have one's voice heard and it's difficult to shake that impulse to weigh in just see how others have voted.


Surveys are similar to polls except that users typically don't participate due to their length. There are ways, however, to increase participation.

Ask for reader participation through a pop-up. When your page loads, deliver a pop-up asking your user if they would like to participate in a short survey.

It's important to keep it short and clear.

Live Chat

Adding live chat to your blog is fairly easy, but keeping up with it can be difficult.

Studies show that live chat increases sales and enhances support. Many live chat tools now offer a wide range of features that make using live chat much easier and less costly.

These are just a few of the ways a business owner can increase feedback through their blog.

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