There is no excuse for businesses not to have a website these days. There are a variety of options for businesses to quickly and cheaply create their first website and utilize SEO to better promote their site.

The last thing a business needs is for an Internet user to type in the name and location of that business and not find a website. Today, any credible business is expected to have a website.

For small, local businesses, a website can serve as digital storefront, proving to consumers that the company is reliable, trustworthy, and can provide them with the information necessary to purchase the product or service being offered. The Internet now serves as the core of marketing, combining all other forms of advertising including print, Internet Yellow Pages, mobile, search engine optimization (SEO), video, reputation management and e-mail/direct mail.

Once the website is built, it must be regularly updated with fresh content in order to be successful.

It is important to make sure that all content on the website is always accurate and up-to-date. This includes everything from store locations, contact information, types of payment accepted, store hours and detailed product, service and pricing descriptions.

The key to any successful venture is good customer service and the same applies to a business’s online presence.

Whether it’s a new customer with questions about products or services, or an existing customer who has a complaint or inquiry, it is important for a business website to have the tools available to easily assist those in need of help. These tools can include direct phone numbers, regularly monitored e-mail addresses and comment forms, as well as links to social networking pages. It is important that businesses respond to customers directly and as quickly as possible.

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