Many non- profits have found success using social media standout Facebook. They have not only been able to market their organization and gain recognition through their Facebook pages but motivate donors to give to their cause.

Facebook offers non-profits a way for them to establish direct emotional ties between their cause and their community.  They can use their Facebook pages as a storytelling medium.  Non-profits can share messages and stories from those who have benefited from donors and the group’s efforts.

Perhaps the best way for a non – profit to be successful in reaching their donor audience is to establish image galleries. The photos and videos you post there can offer prospective donors moving and visually inspiring  tales of the organization’s success stories. Sharing personal accounts and updates will inspire others to give and enhance these successes even further.

Non- profits can also use Facebook to break news about the organization as well as stories and decisions that affect those helped by the nonprofit. It will allow followers to turn to a group’s Facebook pages for information and will also make it simple for them to share those stories with their friends.

In addition to expensive ad campaigns and commercials, non-profits might consider this effective and less expensive way to increase awareness and donations.