Facebook is a great social media place to promote your brand, products and business.  In order to do so it is important to grow your fans, engage your fan base and make sure your audience sees your posts. With this in mind here are some tips to marketing on Facebook.

Offer value.  Everyone likes and appreciates useful information.  You need to give people timely and helpful information. Add your own take and insight into third party resources.

Use Images and Highlights. Images are the most effective way to drive engagement on a page.  Posts that include a picture can generate two times more engagement than other post types. Images, both on desktop and mobile devices show prominently in Facebook users’ news feeds.
Highlight your best posts so that you will have opportunity to make certain things stand out more than others on your Facebook pages.

Monitor posts and be Responsive.  Pay attention to what others post on your page and answer fan posts. Be sure to do so in a timely manner. There are all sorts of monitoring tools and third-party tools to alert you to comments and messages that can send you email alerts. A timely response will help increase engagement.

Time Your Posts. Your “best times to post” are going to be driven by your industry and by your audience. Determine who your fan base is and when your fan base is most likely to be on Facebook and most likely to engage and post then. Facebook insights allows you to see interaction patterns for your pages over time.

Custom tabs.  Utilize apps that offer something of value to your fans and that have social sharing built-in capabilities. Offer contests, sweepstakes, coupons on the tab.These deals can be big booster of fan engagement, return fan activity, and reach for your page.

Make the most out of Facebook by following this tips and help build your business.  Using social media such as Facebook with active and enlightened information will help you to be more successful.