As the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) market has become increasingly competitive and saturated, there is renewed pressure on business that wants to stand out from the crowd. However, when companies send regular broadcast emails to their entire mailing, they tend to lose their effectiveness.

Email campaigns are losing their power as customers become more frustrated by bad timing, irrelevant content, and a lack of personal touch. However, email campaigns with a targeted approach can deepen a company's relationship with its customers and to build brand loyalty.
Broadcast emails can be a quick and cheap solution for small businesses, but there is always the chance that these emails will remain unread or will be deleted. Companies have the misconception that if they send out enough emails, a percentage of these will lead to sales. Instead, these types of campaigns do more harm than good.

Research shows that, if done right, more relevant and targeted email campaigns can increase a business's net profits by an average of eighteen times more than using a broadcast mailing approach.

To optimize the potential of an email marketing campaign, it is important first to clearly identify and classify visitors by monitoring their behavior. Using the latest technology, a business can take a snapshot of the choices a visitor has made and store this data in an easy to utilize format.
In order to create an ongoing relationship with customers, it is vital that the right information is monitored and used correctly. It is also important to make unsubscribing or opting out of unwanted emails an easy process.

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