Most people think an e-commerce site is only for selling physical products on line.  They think of the internet as a place to offer books, DVD’s, fashion items, etc. and that all products and services of an e-commerce site are only available on line. While this is true for a lot of e-commerce sites, not every e-commerce site involves selling physical products.  E-commerce can be an important part of every business.  If you are running a business based on services rather than actual physical products – e-commerce can be relevant to your business as well.

Businesses that are selling services need to understand that e-commerce transcends physical goods.  Service oriented companies can use the online community as a payment channel for things such as exercise classes, beauty services and tickets that will be consumed in a separate physical location.  By offering on-line promotions and sales opportunities to potential customers, businesses like these can reach a broader sales base and facilitate the purchase of their services.  Using an on-line payment system opens up an entire new way to offer and sell your services.

Selling your services on-line for future consumption can also be a market research tool.  Selling your services on-line can help you collect information on your most loyal customers and reach out to them.  You can use the information gained from on-line analytic sales tools to enhance your business as well as enhance the customer experience.  This information allows you to offer a different kind of personalized customer service.

Lastly, in today’s world the ability to purchase services on-line offers convenience.
Not having to run to the store to buy a subscription or gift certificate is a time saving way to increase revenue.

So whether you are selling beauty services or exercise classes, consider e-commerce for your site.  If you are not doing so – you may be missing a valuable sales and marketing tool.


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