In this day and age, business owners recognize the importance of having a strong web presence and most recognize that achieving this goal doesn’t happen overnight.

The creation of a successful web presence takes serious dedication, participation and communication on the part of the website owner, any marketing or design agencies they work with, and web users themselves.

With so many website design, development and marketing firms out there, it can be hard for a business to find just the right one. Too often, businesses put their online aspirations in the hands of the wrong firm, which can result in failure.

Here are a few questions to ask when searching for a website development firm.

Is the firm reputable?

In order to determine whether or not the company you are considering is reputable, you need to conduct some educated research. This means finding out what their previous clients have to say about the work that they perform. Don’t just rely on what’s been written online either. Feel free to contact a company that the firm has done work for and speak to them directly about their experience.

Is the firm well-established?

So many website development firms are companies that would be considered to be “fly by night.” Look for firms that have been operating for a good period of time and have a lot of projects under their belt. Often, a website design firm’s staying-power will go hand in hand with its reputation.

What does the firm specialize in?

It is important to choose a company that has experience not only in the type of design you are looking for, but in other online marketing areas as well. Finding a company that not only knows how to build your website, but knows how to market it through search engine optimization and social media is a big plus. Working with a firm that specializes in digital marketing will increase the likelihood of your online success.

If you take the time to research your choices, you will likely save your business money and headaches in the long run.