Developers and web designers are talking alot these days about HTML5. Developing in HTML 5
HTML5 is the newest version of the standard language used to program websites and bring content to the web.  Versions of HTML have been around for years and have been largely been a subject reserved for those in web development.  It all sounds very technical and is probably not something that the average web user might think he needs to know about.  But the newest version of programming language when finalized will offer benefits to everyone and is something even those who are not programming websites might want to know about.

HTML5 will make it easier for developers to incorporate many important features such as video, audio and graphics to your site. For a long time, video, animations and graphics have relied on third party applications like Adobe Flash or QuickTime to be embedded into web pages to view them.  HTML5 now allows all of these visual elements to be incorporated into a website natively and removes these applications from the equation.

With HTML5 you as a web visitor will be able to view it in places where you might not have been able to in the past.  With the use of HTML5 when customers visit a website there is less of a chance that anyone will come across a black hole in the middle of the page or get a prompt to download a plug in.

The iPod Touch, iPhone and the iPad have been especially good at leaving black holes on the screen, because Apple’s late founder Steve Jobs, would not allow Flash to run on any of his iOS devices from the start.

HTML5 looks to benefit everyone.  Developers won’t need additional plug-ins and as long as you’re using an up-to-date browser once it officially launches, websites that use HTML5 will allow you a more seamless user experience, no matter what device you use to access the Web.


PHP revolutionized the World Wide Web with its amazing features and capabilities. Today, almost all businesses and organizations implement web solutions that were built on PHP language.

PHP is a technology that can fulfill the various needs of businesses through dynamic web solutions and it has emerged as a highly effective tool for keeping businesses competitive online.

PHP is basically a server-side scripting language used in the development of dynamic and highly functional web applications.

There are five major benefits of using PHP for developing dynamic web solutions.

1) PHP is open-source technology available to developers without any license.

Most of the tools and software required for developing solutions using PHP are available online for free. This provides a significant reduction in the cost of software development.

2) PHP is versatile and executes smoothly on all the major operating systems and web servers.

PHP will perform flawlessly whether on a Mac, Linux or Windows operating system. Very few web technologies provide such cross-platform compatibility.

3) PHP is easy to learn and use.

PHP allows developers to use their own creativity and imagination while developing solutions that are self-motivated and highly dynamic. It is usually the first language that developers learn when they enter the field.

4) PHP is versatile.

PHP allows for the easy integration of various other web technologies and performs smoothly in conjunction with those technologies. Thus, there are many features that can be easily infused into a PHP solution.

5) Most professional website developers are experts in PHP.

Because of the success of PHP as a server-side scripting language, most professional developers and programmers are experts in PHP.

It is easy to find skilled and experienced PHP developers who can deliver solutions to suit many unique needs.

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Nowadays, everyone seems to offer website development services, from traditional advertising agencies to the high school kid that lives up the street. Unfortunately, most people offering such services don’t have the expertise necessary to properly plan, design, build, launch, and market your website.

If a business wants to be successful, it cannot trust just anyone with their website development needs.

While building a basic business website can be quite easy. Construction an all-encompassing professional web presence that will make money for your business isn’t as easy.

A successful website development project requires multiple disciplines, including website design, website development, website content and copywriting, search engine optimization, and online marketing. It breaks down as follows:

  • The website design is what makes a company’s website look professional and, if done properly, will help visitors find what they are looking for. Website design requires an artistic eye.
  • The website development aspect of a project refers to what makes the website work and it requires serious technical expertise.
  • Website content can include text, pictures, videos or anything else that is used to engage visitors and provide them with the information they are looking for. To be effective, your website content needs to engage your targeted audience.
  • Internet marketing is used to promote your business to potential customers. Internet marketing covers a broad spectrum of activities including social media marketing, email marketing, the use of blogs and press releases, and more.
  • SEO is what every business needs to ensure that they can be found online. A proper SEO campaign is necessary for success and will incorporate all of the elements listed above.

It is rare, or perhaps impossible, to find one individual to help your business meet all of these needs, which is why assembling a team of development professionals from these various fields is the best way to go.

Of course, some companies, like dzine it, offer all of these services under one roof.

There will always be someone out there that will claim to be able to do everything all by themselves for one low price, but don’t believe them. A jack-of-all-trades will never be able to offer your company what a team of masters can.

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