dzine it, inc. is happy to announce the pre-launch of DealDown, a new innovative daily deal website with a twist. The site is owned and operated by Track Local LLC. a Brooklyn based company.  The site is unique in that it combines social media platforms and on-line games to award prizes and discounts that enhance the deal experience for both customers and business owners.

For business owners, DealDown helps attract new customers by allowing registered site users to share their deals directly with others through social media such as Facebook & Twitter.   For customers, DealDown not only offers the best deals on local events, activities and products, but allows those who have shared their deals, purchased frequently or scored points on games to accumulate additional rewards to be used for free products and savings on future deals.

DealDown which has taken more than 6 months to develop was created using a custom PHP application designed from a propriety dzine it framework for Track Local LLC.  The site features many innovations that will continue to be enhanced over the next several months.

Ken Herbert of dzine it who led the development team, “This site is built on a robust social media platform which has endless possibilities for sharing.  We look forward over the next few months to continuing working with Track Locals LLC. on the site’s development and enhancing the user experience.”

Sol Mittelman, Chief Innovation Officer and co-founder of DealDown  “We are very excited about the development and launch of the site. The professionals at dzine it have taken our vision for a truly original and visionary deal site and made it a reality. Now we look forward to providing true deals to both the business and consumer communities.”

DealDown is currently focusing on Brooklyn based businesses but looks to extend their deals to other cities across New York state and eventually across the U.S.

Peter Crisafi of dzine it “We are very proud of the work that has gone into developing this website application. We wish Track Locals LLC. many years of success with this endeavor. ”

Martin Mittelman, Chief Strategy Officer and co-founder of DealDown. ”We appreciate all the effort and time that dzine it, inc. has put into developing this outstanding website for Track Locals LLC. is the vision and 100% owned and operated by Track Locals LLC. Dzine It, Inc has no affiliation other than being involved in the web development and branding of the website.”

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Developers and web designers are talking alot these days about HTML5. Developing in HTML 5
HTML5 is the newest version of the standard language used to program websites and bring content to the web.  Versions of HTML have been around for years and have been largely been a subject reserved for those in web development.  It all sounds very technical and is probably not something that the average web user might think he needs to know about.  But the newest version of programming language when finalized will offer benefits to everyone and is something even those who are not programming websites might want to know about.

HTML5 will make it easier for developers to incorporate many important features such as video, audio and graphics to your site. For a long time, video, animations and graphics have relied on third party applications like Adobe Flash or QuickTime to be embedded into web pages to view them.  HTML5 now allows all of these visual elements to be incorporated into a website natively and removes these applications from the equation.

With HTML5 you as a web visitor will be able to view it in places where you might not have been able to in the past.  With the use of HTML5 when customers visit a website there is less of a chance that anyone will come across a black hole in the middle of the page or get a prompt to download a plug in.

The iPod Touch, iPhone and the iPad have been especially good at leaving black holes on the screen, because Apple’s late founder Steve Jobs, would not allow Flash to run on any of his iOS devices from the start.

HTML5 looks to benefit everyone.  Developers won’t need additional plug-ins and as long as you’re using an up-to-date browser once it officially launches, websites that use HTML5 will allow you a more seamless user experience, no matter what device you use to access the Web.


Having a good website is important to all businesses today.  Regardless of whether youReasons to Redo your website are a professional with an outside location or run an e-commerce store whose business is totally online — your web presence is essential to your success.  Many people design a website when they first start their business but become more laissez-faire about their site as time goes on.  Since your website is essentially your calling card – it is always a good idea to assess your site and consider redoing it to keep up with changes in technology and your business itself.

How old is your website? If your site was designed more than five years ago, you might want to start considering redesigning or at least updating your site.  No one wants to visit something that is old and irrelevant.  A redesign of your site will not only attract potential customers, but let the ones you already have know that you are proactive and keeping up with the latest in your industry.

Does your website look good on every computer?  New designs and technologies are always emerging.  You may need to redesign certain aspects of your site to make it compatible with latest software and screen technology.  Incorporating new technology will enhance the site’s usability and effectiveness in the long run, so it pays to upgrade once in a while.

Is your website viewable and optimized for mobile devices? More and more people are viewing web content on their smart phones and tablets.  It is critical for your website to be easily viewable from any mobile device so that your business can reach all potential customers anytime, from anywhere.  If customers find it difficult to navigate and view your website, you might lose that potential client to a competitor whose website is better optimized for mobile devices.

Does your site have all the latest tools to facilitate your business?  Websites today are much more than graphics and text.  A well designed modern website utilizes the latest tools to view video, products, social media and conduct e-commerce.

You always want to have the tools and resources to stay ahead of the competition. In today’s business environment, the best way to do this is to make sure your website is up to date.


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