You’ve just finished writing an article and can’t wait to publish it.  You really want to share what you have written. Should you publish your blog right away or should you wait for a specific time? Blogs can help you increase traffic for your business and time spent on your site. But will publishing at any time help you capitalize on this? There has been lots of research and comments on when blogs will generate the most traffic. So what is the best time to publish your blog or send out newsletters?

There are studies that show audiences are much more likely to read and comment on blogs at different points depending on the time and day of the week. KISSmetrics, with data collected by social media scientist Dan Zarella and Search Engine Land, says posting content during high traffic hours (day time) can lead to more visitors, comments and engagement but it’s more likely your post will be buried in the competition with other articles. When posting during low activity times (night time) you can expect more prominence within user feeds with less noise, but fewer visitors during off hours. The data also shows that most users read blogs throughout the day, with the highest percentage in the morning between 8am to 11am (peak blog views by hour). The average blog gets the most traffic on Monday but more comments on a Saturday when people aren’t generally working.

They also found: A higher percentage of men than women read blogs in the evening and at night. The average blog receives the most inbound links on Monday and Thursday.
The average blog receives most inbound links at 7am Eastern Time.

Data from Shareaholic study shows that posting between 9am to 10am increases the likelihood of both more page views and social shares.

Of course, don’t forget to take into consideration your own unique business and business sector.  It is important that you analyze your site traffic to determine what the best schedule for you is. Certain times might work best for some businesses and not others.  In order to capitalize on the benefits of blogging, use these studies as a starting point.  Combine them with your own analytics to capture the full potential of your audience!


It is no secret that the mobile market is growing.  The shift away from desktop to mobile is steadily increasing.  Therefore it follows and makes sense that when it comes to social media sharing of content more and more are doing it via mobile devices.  There have been numerous studies that document this.  In fact, mobile users exchange content almost twice as often as those using desktops.  With this in mind and as the social advertising market grows, it would be wise for smart marketers to target mobile social media users as an important part of their promotional strategy.

According to ShareThis, when it comes to sharing on mobile, Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest are dominant. Facebook accounts for 60 percent of sharing on mobile, and Pinterest is nearly three times more represented on mobile than on desktop. Facebook is the number one social channel on iPhones, but Pinterest is the number one social channel on iPads. Consumers share to Facebook 66.4 percent of the time on iPhones compared to other channels, while Pinterest is the dominating social channel on iPads with almost 50 percent of social activity.

It is important that businesses and marketers realize how to optimize their content for mobile devices. Make the share options prominent on your site. Include links, rich media and strong calls to action. Be direct: reminders like “Like This?” or “Please Retweet” should be used. Be sure to make your content share-worthy.  Pictures and links are great ways to do this. Keep it short – remember the character limits of sites.

Savvy marketers have already begun to take advantage of mobile’s reach.  Mobile advertising already makes up 41 percent of Facebook’s revenue. One shouldn’t forget about desktops, but it would be wise given the uptrend in mobile to take advantage of it.


Social media giant YouTube will add a new “Top Fans” feature to its platform– a way to make it easier for video makers to reach out to people who like watching their videos. The new “Top Fans” feature will let them message some of their viewers, using the “Circles” feature from Google+.

This new feature is built in as a new page inside the main Video Manager section as a separate dashboard. Creators will be able to track not just what other videos these “top fans” are sharing but lists the other creators these fans are subscribed to. Creators will be able to then send out exclusive messages or share content with these special fans..

In order to use Top Fans one has to link their Google+ account with YouTube, and once the accounts are synced, Top Fans will group these influential supporters in a separate Google+ circle. Users in the United States with over 5,000 subscribers can sign up for the service.When Google Plus is connected to a creator’s YouTube channel and they’ve created a circle of top fans, they will be able to view demographic details about these top fans

Currently YouTube encourages people to “subscribe” to their favorite video makers, but doesn’t really let video makers send messages to their subscribers.

The addition is part of YouTube’s continued efforts to improve value for its video partners.

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