There are some pretty incredible emerging trends coming out of the United States, regarding the Google and Bing battle for search engine market share. While many people have disregarded Bing in their SEO campaigns, due to the perception that the search engine produces less useful results, they may be making a terrible mistake.

Microsoft's Bing has strong momentum against Google at the moment and he offers up the following data to back that up:

' In October, 2010, Microsoft and Yahoo completed their contract that allowed Bing to power Yahoo's organic search engine.

' In January, 2011, Microsoft made a deal to add two points of additional market share.

' Since then, Microsoft has made many small deals, slowly increasing its market share.

' Bing was then integrated into Hotmail and into the pages of many online news organizations.

' As of June, 2011, Bing's organic market share in the United States was roughly 33%

This means that one in three people are currently using Bing. More importantly, a recent study shows that Bing users may actually be worth more to advertisers than Google users.

The study claims that an individual Bing user is worth one and a half times the value of a Google user. The value was calculated by the user's likelihood to click on a website's call-to-action.

While Google still leads Bing at a ratio of more than two to one, that is down from last fall's three to one ratio.

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When a business enters into a contract with a website design firm to create an online presence, the agreement should deal with intellectual property rights and address which party will own the web content.

Typically, copyright automatically favors the party that produced the content. Obviously, this can cause problems for business owners who want to, and should be, in control of their own website content.
However, the issue becomes more complicated when it comes to ownership rights of the underlying code that makes up the website.

When a website maintenance agreement is entered into as part of the contract, the underlying code can be subject to a separate escrow agreement. This protects both parties by allowing the code to be released to the business, only if the website design firm cannot meet the pre-determined maintenance obligations.

Usually, web design firms will use parts of the code in other projects in an effort to save time and money. For this reason, it is unlikely that a business will be able to gain exclusive rights to the code.

At the very least, a business should ensure, from the start, that the web design firm that it hires grants it the right to use the code. A business owner entering into a contract with a web development firm should also procure any warranties or indemnities that will protect against claims of copyright infringement by third parties, as they relate to the content or design.

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When it comes to your business cards, you only have a moment to grab someone's attention, so they have to be notable. A business card design can make the difference between creating an impression or not.

The design should engage and connect with anyone that comes in contact with the business card.

When your business card elicits some sort of positive emotion, such as laughter, you can classify it as a small success. A good business card design helps to break down walls and reach someone on a personal level, particularly someone that you don't know.

The key is to keep the card as simple as possible, but to be sure that it is designed in such a way that allows the main idea to shine through.

As long as the card communicates the message you want to send, the results should be positive.
It is best to choose a business card design that fits your personality, your business and your industry.

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