Business owners have less than three seconds to make a first impression on their website visitors.

Less than three seconds is exactly how long it takes for the most captivating elements of a website to hit home, according to a recently released study conducted by Missouri University of Science and Technology.

Researchers used eye-tracking software to determine how website designs influence users.

Really, the study’s findings are nothing new or Earth-shattering. It has been widely accepted that a user’s first impression of a website will determine that user’s opinion of the business it represents.

Researchers monitored the eye movements of study participants as they scanned Web pages. Next, researchers analyzed the data to determine how long each individual focused on specific sections of a particular page, including the website menu, company logo, images and social media icons.

For the purpose of the study, researchers used law school websites to measure what elements drew the most interest from participants. The results are as follows:

Logos. The study found that participants spent approximately 6.48 seconds focused on this area before moving on.
• Main navigation menus. Participants spent an average of 6.44 seconds viewing a website’s main navigation menu.
• Search boxes. Participants focused there attention on website search boxes for just over 6 seconds.
• Social networking links. Links to sites like Facebook and Twitter garnered just shy of 6 seconds from participants.
• Dominant website images. A website’s main image was fixated upon by participants for an average of 5.94 seconds.
• Written content. Participants seemed to spend just 5.59 seconds focused on a website’s written content.

What does this mean for website owners? Particular attention should be paid to a website’s overall navigation and design for maximum results. A poorly designed website or logo and a difficult navigational structure will surly send visitors off to another website.

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One of the biggest challenges facing businesses that launch a mobile app is getting their customers to find it. With so many apps in Apple’s App Store and Google’s Android Market, businesses cannot expect their customers to hunt down their application.

The best way for a business to get their app recognized is through search engine optimization (SEO).

Google has made incredible improvements lately to the way in which it indexes app store description pages and the way these pages appear in search results. However, there are a few tactics that businesses need to employ to ensure that shoppers can easily find the programs.

The first step is to ensure that the name of an app includes the name of the business that it is associated with.

This is important because both the Android Market and the Apple Store have strong link juice in Google’s search algorithm. When important pages link to an application, Google ranks the app download page very high.

So, it goes without saying that businesses should be promoting their applications across all of their web properties. However, any download promotions appear in the form of text, rather than an image, for better optimization.

Search engine optimization is the easiest and best way for a business to drive traffic to its app.

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Every good business needs a brand identity and the best way to ensure success is by hiring a professional graphic designer.

With countless graphic designers at your disposal, choosing the right one can be a difficult process. The key is to find someone that understands your business, has vast experience and is always professional.

There are a few qualities to look for in a graphic designer.

A Great Portfolio

Look for a graphic designer that features work that is similar to what you are looking for. Whether you need someone to design a brochure, a sign, or a website, make sure that the person you choose has the skills to make it happen.

While many graphic designers boast about having a range of online and offline designs under their belt, the only way to truly know the quality of their work is by seeing a portfolio.

Business Savvy

In addition to someone who can provide a good artistic design, a graphic designer needs to be able to create a strong business image without letting his or her own artistic license get in the way of the project’s purpose.

Be sure to give prospective designers a clear understanding of your deadline you’re your budget. You should also ask perspective designers to present you with previous, similar sized projects and ask for examples of how their work translated into a return on investment for the client.

A Great Attitude

It is important to take note of a designer’s attitude.

Look for someone who is personable, professional and creative. Of course having the necessary technical skills to complete your project is also a must.

Great References

A designer should be able to provide potential clients with references that can be easily verified with a phone call. If they cannot provide access to previous clients, there may be a problem.

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