Creating a search engine optimization campaign can be a lot like cooking. When inexperienced cooks first start to create a dish, they tend to use too much or too little of certain ingredients or have a hard time following a recipe, if they follow it at all.

In cooking, recipes are very specific about how much of each ingredient should be used. One false move can ruin an entire dish. The same goes for an SEO campaign.

Without proper training or a good understanding of the subject, it is often difficult for people to get a good grasp of what search engine optimization is all about. When most people start an SEO campaign for the first time, they tend to go all out, using every technique they can find. Unfortunately, this makes a website look ‘overdone’ in terms of SEO and such guerilla tactics usually result in low rankings.

There are many people out there that think when optimizing a website, that adding everything they can is the way to go. The result of this sort of haphazard SEO can be disastrous.

Anyone that wants to cook like the search engine optimization experts needs to follow a professional’s recipe. A poorly balanced dish will just taste bad, but an over-optimized website can actually get a business into big trouble with major search engines like Google, who look for signs of SEO manipulation.

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