Facebook has introduced a new news feed.  The updates to the news feed are the latest in a series of tweaks and new offerings from the leading social media site. Unlike past changes, the news feed changes are more pronounced than past offerings and updates.

The new look incorporates bigger images and allows for customization. The changes include a redesigned layout with larger images of maps, news articles, photos, and apps information. The  image-centric design allows users to scroll though several different news feeds based on what they are looking for — images, games, music, news, best friends, all friends. Users can choose to sort the feed chronologically or only look at things like what music people are listening to or what events are happening. And depending on the things a user has liked on Facebook in the past, he or she will see articles that are trending and that are most relevant to them. The new design also features bookmarks like before, but they now are “more relevant for people” and show up on every page.

The company also noted it has several new feeds to explore in addition to the same news feed users have today. They include:

  • All Friends — a feed that shows you everything your friends are sharing
  • Photos — a feed with only photos from your friends and the pages you like
  • Music — a feed including posts about the music you listen to
  • Following — a feed with the latest news from the pages you like and people you follow

These changes are the first big overhaul to the first page people see when logging into the site, since Facebook debuted the news feed in September 2006. The goal is to increase time spent overall on the Facebook news feed – as well as increase engagement with content and ads. It also aims to make the Facebook experience more unified across multiple devices like computers, smartphones, and tablets.

The redesigned news feed will start rolling out to a small number of people on the Web first and will then show up on phones and tablets over the next few weeks.

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